5 Reasons to drill into a Niche

Because we don't have time for everything

When you become a content creator, whatever medium you use, it is important to choose a topic, a niche to talk about, especially if you are at the beginning of your career as a content creator.


For different reasons:

  1. Credibility: Being credible is a fundamental part of your online presence. Internet is a revolution because it gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves, but this means that you have to be always careful what you read and watch. You have to be critical. On the creator side, talking about the same topic every day will slowly establish your credibility.

  2. Less is More: Having fewer or just one topic to talk about may seem like a disadvantage, but it's not at all! The value you can provide on that niche is way higher, and especially if you create content for free, you can't talk about many things because you also need to live and dedicate time to your family, your job, and everything else.

  3. Understanding the problems better: By Talking about the same topic for a long time, constantly, you begin to understand what are the most common problems of people, and this will help you to create better content for them. Understanding the problem is a necessary part to find the solution.

  4. Being Recognized as an Authority: If you keep putting out content, in any form, and you keep answering to people's problems, the magic will happen: you will start being recognized as an authority in the sector and this can lead to an infinite number of opportunities: Conferences, public speaking, consultancy.

  5. Money: It is rare that someone wants to rely on a person who does something only as a hobby. If you want to make money, you need to specialize, at least in the beginning.

Based on these principles, I decided to specialize my content on Docker, and a few days ago I became a Docker Captain!

That's not a coincidence for sure.

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Stephan Reynolds ✪'s photo

Great tips! Thanks for sharing them ✌

Francesco Ciulla's photo

Thank you Stephan!

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo's photo

useful tips.. thanks for sharing Francesco Ciulla

btw I enjoyed your session with Jack on youtube 🤗.

Francesco Ciulla's photo

Jack Forge they keep talking about that session everywhere!

Ayodele Samuel Adebayo's photo

that's true Francesco Ciulla

we want more of his kinds 💃💃💃

We love your contents too 🤗

Catalin Pit's photo

You nailed it!

It took me a long time to realize this. Since I started focusing on a specific niche, things got better (opportunities, metrics, etc.).

Francesco Ciulla's photo

Thank you! This is by far my shortest article, but let's see how it goes. Learning from the best bloggers like you!

Ákos Kőműves's photo

I absolutely agree. Tuned in to your live recording yesterday and tried to ask questions related to this.

I do many things around software engineering, more specifically web development professionally for about 10 years. I'm in a spot where I just can't decide which niche I should dive into (I know which I won't, it's CSS).

Some niches definitely attract more people than others.

Any advice on what to pick if my long-term goals are digital products, ebooks, courses, video tutorials?

Francesco Ciulla's photo

This is a very interesting question, enough for a live stream! Since we are just in an Hashnode comment section, my short answer is:

Choose as a niche whatever you do for most of your time.

EG: You cook => recipes you exercise => fitness tips

In this way, you don't lose too much time in the content creation process

Also, if you spend, let's say, 4 hours to create an article or videos and nobody read that, it's kinda frustrating.

Fun fact: It took me more time to create the thumbnail rather than the article itself (10 mins) and I already get more interaction rather than articles which took me 4/5 hours.

Funny uh?

Ákos Kőműves's photo

That's how I started out, so it's not complicated for me to look for topics I just write about the tech I'm using currently.

Still, what frustrates me is that I'm jumping from tech to tech from position to position, even after a decade.

So I'm not settled as an i.e. Backend developer, although I work on a Backend app right now 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Udhayakumar Govindarajan's photo

Less is more - I like this point, and I found it true in most of the talks I gave. So I choose one topic and repeat that until I become on that.

Great tips, thanks for sharing Francesco Ciulla.

Francesco Ciulla's photo

You are more than welcome! I always feel good when I remove stuff rather than adding stuff

Kritika Pattalam Bharathkumar's photo

Great piece of advice!!! Thank you.

Francesco Ciulla's photo

thanks Kritika!

Andrew Baisden's photo

Great advice Francesco Ciulla 👍

Francesco Ciulla's photo

Thank you Andrew!!